About Me

Marie Denny is an actor, voice over artist and improviser from London, England and based in New York City. She was most recently the voice for the UK campaign of the dating app Hinge and can be seen performing musical improv with her house team at The People's Improv Theater on Monday nights.

She is a graduate of Northwestern University.

Height: 5"5

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black


Umbrella Sexual | Fantasy Woman | Amanda Poryes

The Guessing Game | Teri | Angela Cheng


The Author's Purpose| Lead | McGraw-Hilll


Musical Improv House Team | Yeti Funk | The PIT

Musical Improv House Team | SNACKS! | Magnet Theater

Ms Stevens AP English Play | Sara | The PIT

Replacing Kyle | Tina | Magnet Theater

Major Barbara | Jenny Hill | Triton Theater


Scorned Exes For Jon Ossoff | Natasha Stevens | The Sunday Something Show

Training &

On Camera | One on One | Christine Kromer

Voice Over Master Class | One on One | Nina Pratt

Musical Improv | Magnet Theater | Magnet Faculty

Improv Academy | UCB | UCB Faculty

Scene Study | T. Schreiber Studio | Terry Schreiber

On Camera Commercial | The Green Room | Sean Bradley&David Murphy

Special Skills

Public Speaking Coach, Conversational French, dialects: British variations (born and raised in London, England), regional American, French, Australian. Yoga, horse riding, dance: jazz, salsa, hip hop. 826 literacy tutor, certified ESL teacher, experienced waitress/bartender, certified lifeguard.

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